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Vince Nims is the “Roamin’ Catholic” message and music minister guy known as “The Banana Guy.” He serves the Church through music, workshops, keynotes, community building and more. Vince appeared at World Youth Day in Paris, national youth conferences in the US, and he travels full-time across the country sharing his unique ministry.

He gets the job done with the help of his Religious Studies degree, fatherhood, over ten years of parish and diocesan youth ministry experience, and astute pizza connoisseur skills. His home is where he stands, playing the guitar, speaking and sharing the faith of the Church.

Vince’s mission is to move people towards Christ, captivating them with God’s plan with a Christ-centered, biblically based ministry. He proclaims “We are ready as we’ll never be to embrace God!” Vince’s real-life messages bring crowds to an attentive, softhearted, silly place. He’s bold, however, and puts the Gospel on the table encouraging listeners to join in the feast.

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