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Fraternal Twins Kim Thompson and Karen Hilderbrand have always been close, and have always worked well together. This company was born out of a love for children and seeing the wonderful look of pride on their faces when they have mastered a concept, and have had fun doing it!

Kim: "I started my career as a classroom teacher. I loved teaching first grade and would incorporate music on a daily basis. My class would sing our spelling words, clap out rhythms, march around the room - all while learning. Many phonemic awareness activities involve music, and I found this to be a really fun and effective way to teach. When I earned my masters degree in "Integrating the Arts into the Elementary School Curriculum,"

I was convinced that music was a powerful teaching tool. I began teaching third grade and while becoming familiar with my new math curriculum, discovered that I would be teaching the multiplication facts. What a challenge! I knew that using music and rhythm would make it fun and easy - so that's what I did. Karen and I worked together and wrote "Rap With The Facts." We recorded our first album with the help of Hal Wright, and that's how it all began!"

Since the beginning, we have been blessed with continual growth. Our MISSION is to be The Leader in Children's Educational Music. We have worked very hard to create excellent products that children will enjoy, and to make learning effective and fun for the lives that we touch through our music.

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