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When Tom Booth finished college, he told God he would do "anything except youth ministry." Yet that’s exactly where God led him, giving him a gift for understanding youth and young adults and the challenges of their culture. With musical influences from both secular and Christian sources, Tom’s goal is to write music that reaches where "life is lived," music that is truly scriptural and liturgical, and not watered down for a young audience.


Tom’s collections contain music for all ages, with a special emphasis on teenagers. He has composed three number one hits on the Contemporary Christian Music charts. YOU! Magazine has twice named Tom as one of the top Catholic music performers for teens, and his Unity-Award-winning song "Taste of Heaven," which is featured on "Change Me", was named Rock Song of the Year in 2000 by the United Catholic Music and Video Association. He was even commissioned to write and perform songs for Mother Teresa and the theme song — "Cry the Gospel" — for the youth event during Pope John Paul II’s visit to St. Louis in 1999.