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They've been singing together for as long as they can remember. In Catholic grade school, they would write down the words to their favorite songs in Music Class, so they could sing them at home while drying the dishes. This was the beginning of the Mazzei Family singing group (later to be known as The Interior Castle.)

In high school, they set their sights and hearts on becoming pop singers — composing their own songs, trying to emulate the radio hits. With the financial backing from their father, Joseph, they set up a recording studio in their home, so they could arrange and produce the tapes themselves. Many opportunities from their efforts never fully materialized. Criticisms from record companies were always the same — too much harmony, too angelic sounding, not 'hip' enough, etc. Discouraged, but undaunted, they pursued other musical styles.

While they were trying to gain this foothold in secular music, a priest, the late Fr. Mario Del Signore, asked them to sing at his Christmas Day Mass. Thus began their debut into the realm of religious music. No longer were there restrictions on their sound, harmonies, arrangements, choice of material and original compositions. They finally felt at home, and decided to dedicate their lives and talents to non-secular music. The various musical backgrounds of their past are now applied to their Christian ministry.

The Interior Castle/The Mazzei Family --- Edith, mother, (no longer physically present, but always singing in spirit), and siblings: Francine, Therese, Loretta and Michael, hope you enjoy all their efforts. Thank you for listening, and God bless.