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Rob Evans - The Donut Man - is known for his fun, yet instructive Bible story-songs presented via DVD's, CD's and live concerts. He is a 'Donut Repair Man'... Why? He uses a donut to illustrate how something can be good, and yet still have something missing. On the most basic level, kids get to fill the hole in a donut with a pastry ball and then eat it! This 'edible object-lesson' points to a profound truth: that we are all made in God's image, and have a "God-shaped empty-place that only God can fill!

That's why every 'Donut Man' CD, DVD and concert shows how God's love 'repairs' our lives. The Bible-story songs are interesting, sing-able and engaging because they are sung from the "first-person" perspective; Daniel is sung by the Lion, the Mustard Seed sings about faith, etc. The "Just For Kids" series then mixes these "Songs That Teach" with "Songs That Praise" so as to present a different aspect of God's character. In "King of Kings", God is presented as king; in "The Farmer", God as a "Farmer", etc.. Each title adds a different nuance, a fresh story-line to this over-all positive and faith-based concept. For example, in the DVD title, "Barnyard Fun", 'God-as-the-Farmer' concept is presented, obviously, at a farm. The Donut Man and kids learn as they help 'Farmer Jim', that likewise, God will also be working with them to produce His fruitfulness in them: the Fruit of the Spirit.