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Considered the fathers of contemporary American liturgical music, the St. Louis Jesuits wrote such songs as "Lift Up Your Hearts," "Here I Am, Lord," "One Bread, One Body" and "Be Not Afraid." They worked in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, which encouraged church songs to be sung in English and accompanied by popular instruments. Then young seminarians at St. Louis University, Bob Dufford, Roc O'Connor, Dan Schutte, John Foley and Tim Manion brought the ancient traditions of the Church into the present with acoustic guitars and simple melodies. Dan Schutte describes the group as "a brotherhood of composers joined by our common love for Jesus Christ, for music and for prayerful liturgy." At a time of great change following Vatican II, churches were hungry for a new kind of music that would encourage everyone to join in the worship. People discovered, in these folk-like melodies and clear, scriptural lyrics, an enduring way to pray in song. Works by The St. Louis Jesuits: Lift Up Your Hearts May We Praise You Let Heaven Rejoice The Steadfast Love Lord Of Light Earthen Vessels Gentle Night A Dwelling Place Neither Silver Nor Gold