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Simonetta is a great new addition to the Catholic music scene. Her first album, "Keep Your Eyes on the Beloved", was released in December of 1998 and captured the attention of leading Catholics around the country. Her music has received air-play on Catholic radio stations nationwide. Simonetta has also appeared LIVE on EWTN's internationally viewed "Life on the Rock" television program.

Simonetta began her songwriting after making an intensive Ignatian silent retreat and a subsequent 30-day follow-up retreat. Fr. John Hardon, her retreat master, encouraged her to "write". This and the guidance of her spiritual director resulted in this outpouring of music that became her new album.
Her music is totally orthodox and combines deep Catholic truths, the teachings of the saints, and a love for the Blessed Sacrament, with a variety of instrumental styles and settings (and even some Latin) that are contemporary, beautiful and always uplifting and consoling.

Simonetta was born and raised in Chicago, attending Catholic parochial school and Maria High School for girls. She studied dance at college in Chicago as well, and eventually married her college sweetheart. Simonetta left a successful career as a computer graphic artist to become a stay-at-home Mom. During that time she also completed her Bachelors degree in dance/choreography. She is now is blessed with 4 girls, aged 2-10, whom she homeschools. She is a founding member (and heart and soul) of The Saint Philomena Foundation, the organization that distributes her music to the world for FREE, as a sharing of God‘s gifts to her.