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"Music is one medium that consistently draws people together. In light of that, my vision now is to sing wherever I am given an opportunity to share." So says Sarah Hart whose music welcomes and delights listeners from every age and background, by virtue of its utter musicality and embracing lyrical vision. 

As a writer, she begins by sharing her own experiences, expanding her life to include ours; as a performer, she shares her love of melody, and delivers her evocative words to us in clear, true notes. This is music that is simultaneously life-affirming and thought-provoking, a rare and welcome combination. 
Like the varied songwriters, poets and writers who have influenced her--Nancy Griffith, James Taylor, David Wilcox and Thomas Merton, Sylvia Plath and Flannery O'Connor--Sarah's lyrics explore what really matters, and expose how the mundane can lead us to the sublime, how the sublime can transform the mundane. Instructed and supported by her faith, awed by the natural world, her eye, too, on the sparrow, she sees "darkness colored by flickers of light", acknowledging the dark and the difficult but leading herself and her listeners on the path into the light and the restorative