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Sal Solo was lead singer of '80's British rock band Classix Nouveaux. They toured 30 countries, playing to audiences of up to 25,000 a time, achieving number one records, gold and silver discs. Today he sings a different tune, according to a local paper in Wisconsin: "His motivation does not come from success, money or fame. Having been there, Solo has no desire to become a Christian rock star. He stands in the darknessso that all the glory of his songs should be directed to God."

In an age when people are bombarded with videos, computer graphics and all kinds of messages, Sal Solo has devised a unique multimedia presentation which Rev. John Heidt of Texas describes as: "... a compelling and entertaining program of music and pictures presenting the fundamentals of the Christian faith." Using the latest computer technology, giant videos bring the Gospel to life in vivid and exciting fashion, while the audience claps and sings, but at other times, sits motionless as Sal shares the Good News in what a journalist called "bite size bits preaching". This is not throwaway entertainment, as the events usually end in prayer, sometimes continuing long after the music has ended. Those aged from 2 to 92 have enjoyed Sal's rare gift to communicate to all types of people and make it seem personal to each one. Fr. Paul Hottinger in Illinois wrote: "I was not looking forward to 'rock' music, since I don't fancy most 'rock' as music, but this was a delightful surprise: original, lyrical, beautifully played. But the real impact of the night was the obvious faith of Sal Solo and his desire to share it with others."

Sal has appeared at youth rallies and Catholic schools across Europe and America. Out of submissions from all over the world, Sal was invited to appear at World Youth Day, Rome, in August 2000. The Pope's representative in Britain, the Pro-Nuncio, wrote: "The initiatives you take on behalf of young people are most commendable and I am happy to assure you of my support at all times. I hope that your music ministry will continue to flourish both at home and abroad." His appeal goes way beyond the Catholic Church however. Dr. Wayne Martindale of well known Evangelical establishment, Wheaton College in Illinois, wrote after a Sal Solo concert: "Sal Solo's multimedia concert is magnificently creative, deeply moving, consistently biblical, and spiritually refreshing. His appeal is surprisingly transgenerational and is ultimately the appeal of the Gospel, passionately and clearly presented. I enthusiastically recommend it." Sal has been a keynote speaker at conferences and colleges, and also presents retreats and special youth activities. He has produced and presented shows on radio, published a book for young people, and written in various publications. Aside from 8 albums in the mainstream pop market, he has released 7 Christian albums.

In 1999, Sal unveiled his most ambitious project to date, a complete Mass for the Millennium entitled ANNO DOMINI, bringing to life the true meaning of the Eucharist, with videos and music, using state of the art 21st century computer technology. 
Since the fall of 1999, Sal has been based in the USA. To be clear that his priority is to promote Jesus Christ, rather than Sal Solo, he has brought together a group of people in a not for profit ministry speaking the language of the 21st Century: ACTS (Artistic Creative Technological Spirit-led) Evangelism & Worship Aim: to use all artistic, creative & technological means, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to evangelize and lead people to worship God. Finally, the words of Cardinal Hume, late leader of the Catholic Church in Britain: "He has continually worked on the evangelization of our Catholic youth. I have supported him in all of his works."