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The Saints Gift Collection is a company established to develop LED FLAMELESS SAINT CANDLES. Five years ago we noticed the enormous sales in flame Saint candles. We felt we needed to develop LED FLAMELESS CANDLES similar to the flame candles. The problem was that we needed to make them flicker like a real candle to create the devotional impact that the flame candles gives in our prayer life as well as create a long life LED candle using only two AA batteries.
It took us a year of development to get the real candle effect we finally achieved. Our candle glows over the entire candle surface not like a flame candle that hides the flame behind the paper decal as it burns down.
The Saint Gift Collection LED FLAMELESS CANDLE gives more of a comforting glow from the time you turn it on until it goes off. We have developed a heat transfer process to put the images on the candle shell creating a process that gives the candle a consistent quality in any environment. The light shows throughout the candle giving a flickering effect with an LED light that glows on the top but still illuminates the candle from top to bottom. The effect we achieved is so much better than a real candle because of the total illumination of the candle with none of the light hidden behind the paper decal blocking the flame effect.
The LED FLAMELESS SAINTS CANDLE COLLECTION gives our customer a product that is safe in any environment (the home, care facilities, hospitals, children’s areas or for traveling conveniences) leaving everyone a secure feeling when the LED FLAMELESS SAINT CANDLE is used no matter where.