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An incredibly gifted Christian singer before her accident, Renée has augmented her gifts to include a dynamic speaking ability that grabs her audiences. Whether performing a powerful concert or sharing her profound and victorious story that includes paralysis and a life confined to a wheelchair, those who hear Renée are uplifted and mesmerized by her angelic voice, music and messages. Most importantly, all who hear Renée are encouraged to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Although a few of her topics are intense, Renée's charisma and sense of humor provide plenty of light-hearted moments, including those in her testimony that highlight her marriage and the birth of her son - events that took place after her accident! Her entertaining and practical messages, which combine speaking and singing, have been met with overwhelming success by churches and conferences throughout the country. Renée's unique ability to be transparent allows her to reach out to each person in the audience creating intimate moments even in large convention halls. It is this special gift that has attracted many organizations to include Renée in their programs.