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 Nativity Press, a small Roman Catholic publisher helping young hearts discover the face of Christ.


julie.jpgJulie Kelly is a Catholic wife and home-educating mother of six children in Arkansas. In June of 1992 she attended the first YOUTH 2000 retreat in the United States, where the light and mercy of Jesus in the Eucharist changed her life. For three years she worked with YOUTH 2000, drawing young hearts to the Eucharist and growing in her faith. Like hobbits who delight in good tilled earth, Julie finds joy in tending the hearts of her children, ever mindful of the precious gift entrusted to her care. The Costly Cookie Chronicles: A Young Heart Discovers the Face of Christ is Julie's second book, following Clare's Costly Cookie: A Young Heart Discovers the Way of Love.

mary.jpgIllustrator: Mary MacArthur studied Art and Theology at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. She loves drawing, painting, sewing, and taking walks. Clare's Costly Cookie is the first book she has illustrated, and she hopes to do many more.

kellie.jpgIllustrator: Kellie Ryan has wanted to illustrate children's books for as far back as she can remember. She studied illustration and creative writing at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. She has kept both as side hobbies since becoming a mom but is grateful for the workings of the Holy Spirit through the Children's Rosary to bring her to collaborate with Julie on this labor of love. Kellie is a Catholic convert (2007) along with her husband, and she homeschools her five (soon to be six) children in rural Wisconsin.