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This gentle man, Michael John Poirier, has wrapped his prayers in songs and presented them as gifts to listeners and to God. He has sung in bus stations to comfort lonely, weary travelers, on street corners to calm the hurried, in hospitals to relieve the suffering and in soup kitchens to fill the hungry. Michael’s music speaks of forgiveness, peace, and love from the perspective of someone who knows what it takes to forgive, and the wonderful blessings it brings. 

One of 12 children, Michael’s public music life began at age 14. His story winds through a variety of venues along life’s way, and always with the gentle nudging of God saying ‘return to prayer’. Today, Michael--singer, songwriter and storyteller-- travels with his family throughout the United States, changing hearts and lives as they spread their message of God’s love and mercy through parish missions, candlelight prayer concerts, and Eucharistic Adoration. His music is filled with prayers of encouragement, comfort, forgiveness and mercy, and touches the lives of all...people of all faiths, and those who are new and old to the Christian faith.