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Koren Ruiz has served over the past fifteen years as youth minister, multicultural educator, school administrator, music composer, choir director, Liturgical presenter, and Financial Consultant.  He is a bilingual/bicultural native Spanish speaker originally from Sinaloa Mexico; but he has resided in the United States for the past 15 years.   
He holds true that music is the best evangelical tool given to us. With a passion for service and stewardship, Koren has embodied that belief through more than a decade involvement in music ministry and composition.  Often ministering alongside his wife Jessica, Koren leads parishes across the nation in concerts, music for liturgical prayer events, formational events and workshops on Christian Stewardship and Guitar-centered skill building like “Guitar Rhythms” and “The guitar Player in the Liturgical Setting.” He has also participated in the OCP Instituto event series.

Jessica Ruiz has served as a Choir Director, Cantor, Recording Artist, and Multicultural Events Director, Student Outreach Coordinator, and Academic Adviser over the past ten years.  Her gifted voice has led many communities in liturgical settings and in concerts throughout the Archdioceses of Portland and beyond, and has been part of several OCP recordings.
Jessica is a very passionate musician and singer; she strongly believes that music is a way of expressing multiple feelings and ideas, but when music is utilized to praise and worship God, it elevates to a deeper and higher level. She ministers alongside her husband Koren leading concerts, liturgical prayer events, and formation workshops for liturgical musicians in different Dioceses.  In 2010 they released their first collection “Tendre Fe”, and have made a couple of music videos for their songs “Cuando a Tu Lado Estoy”, and “Todo Lo Que Soy