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Ellen lives in Washington State where she has been writing for almost twenty years. She's had stories published in several magazines and books including A Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers and A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs. Currently, Ellen is working on a suspense novel called Obsession.

Her memoir, My Blindy Girl, is the story of how one child's disability changed everything. Ellen uncovers a rare genetic condition that prevents her child from having color vision, but yet colors every aspect of her daughter's life.

As director of an Ignatian ministry called the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life and member of her city Arts Commission, Ellen keeps involved in her community. She created and organized the first ever convention for people with achromatopsia as well as Rivers of Ink, a literary event celebrating local authors. Ellen runs a small publishing company, Etcetera Press, which helps people experience their dream of getting their stories published.