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Tomlin's undeniable energy is charismatic and contagious. Avoiding the trappings of public performance, Chris stands beside the people he serves, raising his voice to God with them so that they share God's presence together. Born and raised in East Texas, Chris Tomlin grew up on a steady diet of country music, learning his guitar chops by playing along with Willie Nelson records. Not that you would ever guess it from listening to the gentle smoothness of his vocals. In fact, the ten songs on The Noise We Make tend to have a lot more in common with the evocative arrangements and stylings of bands like U2 than they do with any of their more country cousins. "I love the simplicity of drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars," Chris explains. "We're not about putting on a big show. We don't want to be rock stars. We're about connecting with people and having a shared experience of coming before God and worshipping Him. We want our personalities and our music to come across in a way that makes people feel like "Hey, those are just my friends up there.""